The Vicious Cycle

Although this blog is relatively new, you’ve probably noticed that one of the main things that sets Ohio and California apart is the size of many of the people.  You can blame genes, marketing, education, etc., but it is all a vicious cycle.  Let me give you an example.

If you own a store, you have to give the people what they want.  Which explains this:

Notice the sign that says “Ice Cream Bars.”  This is where the ice cream section begins and it goes to the very end of the aisle.  If the photo doesn’t give you a good perspective on the distance, it’s 34 freezer doors worth of ice cream.  34.  This picture, by the way, was not taken at a warehouse store like Costco or BJ’s but a normal grocery store.

Now you eat a lot of ice cream because the stores, like drug pushers, have almost an entire aisle dedicated to it but they have this much ice cream because you, as the consumer, want it.  See the cycle?

But wait, there’s more.  Lest you burn too many calories walking up and down this aisle, you can (and many around here take advantage of this “service”) do this:

This lady is not handicapped (at least not in the conventional sense of the word) but uses this people mover because it’s simply easier not to have to use her legs to carry all that weight.  Now, to be fair, this picture was taken at a larger warehouse store, but in the 1 or 2 hours I was there this was not the only obese woman I saw in a motorized cart.

And, so, the vicious cycle continues…

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